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Tying the Knot!

We got married on August 30th, which just so happens to be my parent's wedding anniversary as well. We did not intend for that to be like that, it just sort of happened as it was the only way Lana could have all her bridesmaids there on the day. We got married in Lana's mom's backyard, which is also where Lana took her first steps so it was really special. Our wedding was a blast and as far as we recall everyone had a great time. It might have helped that on every table we had a bottle of tequila but I can't be certain. I do know the DJ woke up on Lana's mom's couch with a dazed and confused look in his red, half closed eyes! Lol. Good times had by all. Lana looked stunning and we both in 7th heaven on that day, more so perhaps than other days! I had my parents, brother, son and my family from Bermuda all there and Lana had much of her family there. Even our wonderful family from the yachts joined us for the festivities which was amazing. We had our wedding on the tail end of our road trip and soon after we were to leave for our South African wedding. We didn't want the 2 celebrations to compete with each other or be compared so our South African wedding was a little more laid back and off the wall, and we aptly themed it "We Can't Believe You Wore That to Our Wedding" and held it at a backpackers lodge in the Drakensburg, a beautiful mountain range back home. After that all the festivities we were not quite ready to go back to work so we planned a dive trip on a yacht I had previously worked on, Blackbeard's Cruises... We were living the highlife, the proverbial dream!

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