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The Struggle is Real!

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

In this world we live in with social media playing such a major part of most of our lives now it is tough to know what is the real deal. Not everyone is going out of their way to show that their lives are all sunshine and rainbows, though there are many who do, it is just that a lot of us want to remember the good times or share a fun moment with friends and family. When we are in a dark place or fighting with our spouse or loved ones it is not exactly normal to say "hold on honey, let me get a picture of us screaming at each other" and so the bad times are, for the most part, hidden from view from the rest of the world. Sure, there are times where it will happen while you are out and about and some people will see, though most likely, most of those people won't even know you. But more often than not people don't like to let on that they are fighting or not getting on great, or depressed or struggling. It is not exactly photogenic next to your friends pictures of them hanging at the beach sipping Mai Tai's...

The reality is that we all, every single one of us, has up's and down's and Lana and I are no different. We have had some horrific arguments, fights, moments, whatever you want to call them. Sometimes we would have to go out right after and then we would pretend like everything is great. Sometimes that pretending won and we ended up laughing at our silliness from earlier, sometimes it is simply on pause until we get home and then all hell break's loose. We are both very, very headstrong and stubborn personalities. if you go by the stars, we are both Taurus. So you can imagine the head-butting that goes on. (Figuratively of course!)

Life is hard and we struggle often and we were fortunate to have been blessed with and developed positive outlooks on life so we are able to take a lot of what comes our way on the chin, but make no mistake, parenting 4 kids is not a cakewalk and neither is marriage. Marriage is hard work and requires daily work, attention, compromise and biting lips on occasion, sometimes each others! No? You don't do that? Oh, us neither...

So, if you are having a rough time with yourself or with your relationships, or even your job or business, there are plenty of people you can turn to for help or to vent or simply for a shoulder to cry on because I am willing to bet, whoever you turn to is or has struggled as well and will be able to relate and to empathize and possibly give you sage advice to help you move through it but they can only be there for you if you speak up and do not bottle it in. Let it out and get it out, it will feel like a great weight is lifted from your shoulders!

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