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Sleeping in Seattle

After I got over the shock of Lana's withholding of the truth with regards to dark and snowy days that is the winter here, I started exploring. I found Seattle to be beautiful beyond words. Natural beauty abounds and it is full of nerds so it is totally OK to go to a bar in Harry Potter robes, especially when the bar is (was) named The Grizzled Wizard! There are ocean views every where and back then there seemed to be a bar on pretty much every corner depending on what part of Seattle you were in. Of course, today's issues have unfortunately changed much of the landscape for hospitality. But, this blog is not here to dwell on the negative but rather to focus on the positive, so onwards and upwards!

One of the things I do love about the dark, cold, soul sucking weather here is fire! Sitting in front of the fireplace is not something I grew up with having grown up just outside of Durban, South Africa which has weather very similar to Florida. There is something therapeutic and mesmerizing about staring into a fire. Definitely one of my favourite past times here! Pretty much anywhere you live here seems to have a forest or a beautiful nature walk just minutes from your doorstep, something we did not take full advantage of while we were, for the most part, free of any responsibility. Especially me as I was legally unable to work any land based job for my first few months until my work visa came through.

My mother-in law, Kim, was generous kind and welcoming and opened the door to her home for me with welcome arms and the first couple months I got to live in her basement, stare at the fire and smoke weed which was legal and a total novelty for me. (Un?)fortunately, the novelty was short lived as weed, no matter whether it is Sativa, Indica or laced with who know what, simply puts me to sleep. Being persistent and resilient being that I am I kept trying, but I can say unashamedly, the scoreboard looked something like: Weed 234 Luke 0. I even tried "Dabs" compliments of Cuzo, (Lana's cousin if you just joined us), and that was an experience, much to the enjoyment of Lana and Cuzo. That shit was intense. It fried my brain for hours, (possibly days, I couldn't say for sure as it was all a mindless blur) and I just gazed out from my skull with saliva dripping down my face, resembling an inpatient from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest or the sick fuck warden in the Green Mile at the end of the movie! There is a high likelihood of never trying that soul crushing creation ever again!

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