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Kids Vs Cocktails

This is us, many years ago. Can you see the carefree glint in our eyes? The one that oozes zero responsibility, little to no possessions and maybe, just maybe, one or two tasty libations? Little did we know then, that, fast forward seven plus years and we would have a 24 year old (step) son, a daughter-in-law, 4 kids under 6, 2 puppies, a small but busy real estate business, a house, two run of the mill cars and an investment property. A little bit different from our previous experience of being paid to travel between Florida, the Bahamas and the Caribbean on a luxury yacht with a gourmet chef to cook us our meals and a boat card that covered most of our expenses. People used to ask us back then if we wanted kids and we would smugly reply, "nah, we will stick to cocktails." The funny thing about cocktails is, as we learned pretty quickly, they often times lead to kids! The big guy in the sky is having a little chuckle at us I am sure! We have had some amazing times over the last almost decade together but we would be lying if we said there were no damn hard times as well! It as been one incredible rollercoaster ride filled with happiness and laughter and decorated with tears and frustration. Life is hard, frustrating, tear jerking and, at times soul destroying. Parenting is damn hard, arguably the hardest thing I have done. Married life is hard work especially when both spouses are hard headed, rum drinking, fun loving, stubborn ass people who would really love to not need to work. But, life, parenting and marriage are also the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences I have had. It is an odd experience, this paradox of emotions and feelings, and difficult to explain but I guess that is what this blog is about. Love, life, littles and libations. We have a weird thing for the letter L apparently so bare with our kitsch filled ways! Everyone loves a little kitsch now and then!

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